Lou from Littleton fills in-Why he doesn’t think the Broncos need to draft a QB, and a car mileage story for the ages
April 20, 2021

Lou from Littleton fills in for Dave this week as we talk why he doesn’t think the Broncos should take a…

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A spring potpourri of Broncos news and more. Draft updates, Bronco free agents, and Dave’s Casa Bonita arrest story!
April 13, 2021

With just over two weeks away from the NFL Draft, Dave updates us on what he’s hearing about the Broncos #9…

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A hilarious Brian Griese story, what Bronco player did Dave want to throw down with, and the draft countdown!
April 6, 2021

Dave shares a fantastic story about a mishap with former Broncos quarterback Brian Griese. Dave also fills us in on a…

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A game of spin the bottle. Need we say more? Plus, Dave’s best guess on where the Broncos find a quarterback to compete with Drew Lock.
March 30, 2021

Trade up, trade down, or acquire a free agent? Dave’s best guess on where the Broncos will find a quarterback to…

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What all the Broncos moves tell Dave about the direction of the team, and an honest back and forth about Deshaun Watson
March 23, 2021

What do all of the moves the Broncos have recently made tell Dave about the direction of the team, and is…

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It’s NFL free agency week! What new players will the Broncos add, and what players might be leaving, and Dave hunts down Dan Reeves. No joke.
March 16, 2021

It’s NFL free agency week, so we take a look at some of the potential players the Broncos might add, plus…

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Broncos odds and ends: Von Miller, the NFL draft, and a “Dear Dave” segment that leaves Dave salivating. Literally.
March 9, 2021

With the draft seven weeks away, Dave takes a go at what position he thinks the Broncos will take. He also…

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Dave is back from Mexico! We talk Broncos free agents, potential draft picks, and tequila!
March 2, 2021

With Dave back from vacation in Mexico, we talk which Broncos free agents are staying, and who is going. Plus, potential…

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Lou from Littleton fills in for Dave-Where are the Broncos headed???
February 24, 2021

Lou from Littleton fills in for Dave as we talk general impressions of the team and where this team is headed….

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Dave Logan has a new book out! A WTF moment from the book, Drew Lock’s feelings, and a terrible Dave colonoscopy story
February 12, 2021

It’s story time on the Dave Logan podcast as Dave tells a omg moment from his new book, he shares a…

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