We being the podcast with an ode to another high school state championship with for Dave at Cherry Creek, and how meaningful it is to him. We quickly turn to how impressive Drew Lock’s performance was against Houston and what it means to the Broncos moving forward.  You might even get more excited when you hear who Dave compares Lock to in the NFL.  Somehow we get on the subject of Dave’s hazing stories from his days at CU and also when he was a rookie in Cleveland.   From there, we go into a preview of the Chiefs game on Sunday, and then finish of with a game of “Love it or Leave I”t where we hit on topics like Tom Brady, Ju’wan James, and Carmelo Anthony.  To contact Dave or Julie, just go to our website thedaveloganpodcast.com or contact us directly on twitter @daveloganpod or @juliebrowman1