It’s been 15 years since Dave was able to attend a CU football game. We’ll get his impressions of the CU team and why he didn’t get to see Ralphie run across the field. We then give away some Broncos mid season awards, including the offensive and defensive MVP’s. which leads to a conversation about why members of the Orange Crush aren’t in the NFL Hall of Fame. We somehow tie the Oakland Raiders into that mix, and why Dave flipped off a 75 year old woman on a recent trip tp Oakland. ¬†Dave offers up his thoughts on the upcoming game against the Vikings, and his thoughts on why Gary Kubiak and the Broncos parted ways. Dave weighs in on if there might be some bad blood between the two sides. We finish the podcast off with a look at what is challenging for high school coaches as the playoffs begin, leading to why Dave doesn’t sleep this time of year. To contact Julie and Dave, just go to or contact us on twitter @daveloganpod or @juliebrowman1.