We start off the episode with a look at a crazy week for the Broncos. First Joe Flacco goes off on the Broncos offensive coordinator in the post game of the loss to the Colts, then we find out Flacco won’t play against the Browns because of a herniated disc in his neck. How much time does Dave expect Flacco will miss? And is this the last we’ve seen of Joe Flacco in a Broncos uniform? And who the heck is Brandon Allen, and what should we expect of him on Sunday against the Browns? Most importantly, why isn’t Drew Lock playing? Dave offers up his thoughts on a very challenging situation at quarterback this Sunday. We turn our attention to the Cleveland Browns, and what Dave thinks about the very outspoken Baker Mayfield, and the very real possibility the Browns are NOT the next “it” team in the NFL. Dave talks about his time spent playing for the Cleveland Browns, and how much the city meant to him. Julie offers to pay a cash reward to whoever can find a poster of Dave posing in a doorway when he played for the Browns. Finally, Dave weighs in on the World Series, and what he would dress up as if he were invited to an adult Halloween party. To contact Julie and Dave directly, just go to our website, thedaveloganpodcast.com or contract directly on twitter @daveloganpod or @juliebrowman1