While the sky may not be falling in Denver, people are still coming up to Dave and asking him what in the heck is going on with the Broncos. Dave weighs in on the debacle against Kansas City, and why John Elway should be taking calls for Emmanuel Sanders and Chris Harris Junior. We then get into the sticky conversation about the possibility of John Elway being fired. Dave gives us some insight into a conversation he had with the former Broncos quarterback, and Elway’s acknowledgement the buck stops with him. We offer up a quick preview of the Colts game and what the Broncos will need to watch out for. We then get into a conversation about Rob Gronkowski and his endorsement of CBD oil. Dave offers his thoughts on the opiod situation in the NFL and why CBD oil should be legal in the NFL. We finish it off with a game of “Cool or not cool” where we learn some interesting facts about Dave. The most interesting being he used to give away money for Halloween when he was single. And not just singles. Five dollar bills!!! To ask Dave a question we will read on the podcast, just log onto thedaveloganpodcast.com and go to the contact section. Or contact us on twitter @daveloganpod or @juliebrowman1