We start off the podcast with an ode to Lambeau Field. As painful as the loss was, Dave still tips his cap to some of the best fans in the NFL. As we dive into the Broncos loss to the Packers, Dave points out the Broncos aren’t on the edge of disaster, but they certainly are getting close. As the Rockies season winds down, Dave and Julie look at how disappointing of a season it has been, and the reasons why. We end with our inaugural segment of “Dear Dave.” It’s your chance to ask Dave anything that’s on your mind. This week, our listeners wanted to know about Aaron Rodgers post Bronco game comments, Antonio Brown, and one of our female listeners needed some dating advice. Yep….dating advice. To ask Dave a question on the podcast, just go to thedaveloganpodcast.com or contact us directly on twitter @daveloganpod or @juliebrowman1.