Dave and Julie explain how they ended up doing a podcast together, and what they hope to accomplish along the way. The conversation quickly turns to the Broncos and their loss to the Bears. Dave talks about how Vic Fangio was to deal with after the loss and his own personal feelings about the crazy end to the game. How can you not talk about the loss to the Bears without talking about Garett Bowles and his four holding penalties? Dave offers his views on what he thought Garrett should say to the media, and also what’s going on in the Broncos locker room when it comes to their left tackle. Keeping with football, we turn our attention to Dave’s 27 year high school football coaching career and some of the wild stories along the way. One of those stories very few people know. Most people think he started his high school football career coaching Arvada West, however, that’s not the case. He originally started at Golden High school, but things went a bit sideways. And speaking of high school football, Dave shares some stories from his high school football days involving difficult parents, one involving a memorable anonymous letter. To ask Dave and Julie a question, just go TheDaveLoganPodcast.com or contact us directly on twitter @juliebrowman1