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Colorado’s Top Voice In Sports for over 30 years

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Welcome to The Dave Logan Podcast

Dave Logan is a former NFL wide receiver and the current voice of the Denver Broncos.

A look thru the lens of a Colorado Sports icon drafted in the NBA, NFL, and MLB. Honest, fun, critical, and entertaining.


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Recent Episodes

The Avs win the Stanley Cup! And who says the Broncos are going to win 6 more games this season????
June 29, 2022

Dave tips his hat to the Stanely Cup winning Avalanche, while going thru his favorite moments of the Finals. Plus, what…

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Avs Stanley Cup run, who needs a great Broncos great training camp, and this could be Broncos cornerback Pat Surtain’s year!
June 21, 2022

Dave reacts to the Avs loss in game 3 to Tampa Bay, and what the team needs to do in game…

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Dave’s take on the Broncos new owners, are we getting a new stadium soon, and what role will Peyton Manning play in all of this?
June 13, 2022

Why Dave thinks the Broncos new ownership is something special, and if he feels the group will build a new stadium…

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